(In Development) Killer, Penguin, Tom, Doll Face creative documentary. Writer & Director Tomas Tamosaitis. Producer Rasa Miskinyte, Era Film (Lithuania). Development supported by Lithuanian Film Centre/ Creative Europe. 

Developed via Eurodoc International 2014 and AniDox:LAB 

Selected for CPH:FORUM & Cartoon Movie 2015

Short Synopsis:  On the edge of the Old Town, squeezed between renovated and well-groomed new houses, is the Grey House. Killer, Penguin, Doll Face and many others live in it. No one knows for sure if Killer ever killed someone, but Penguin undoubtedly talks to the birds, and Creep is an expert in punishing himself. Doll Face is not as stupid as others think. Every child has a nickname in the House. More things happen in just one day inside the House than most people living outside will experience during their whole lifetime. The House accepts every child that falls under its power, and children usually hate it from the bottom of their hearts. The House guards zillions of secrets. The banal ‘skeletons in the closet’ that outsiders see are only a small part of the closed Universe that exists within the House. It is a Universe where the usual laws of space and time do not apply.

The House is more than an ordinary Child Development Centre for Children that neither their parents nor society know how to deal with. The Grey House is a separate Universe in itself. ‘Killer, Penguin, Tom, Doll Face’ is a creative documentary combining animation and real live footage to tell the story of this Universe and the people who live inside it, at a time of crisis when the very existence of the Grey House itself is under threat.

(In Development) Excemplary Behaviour creative documentary. Writers: Audrius Mickevičius & Georgi Tenev, Director Audrius Mickevičius. Producer Rasa Miškinyte, Era Film (Lithuania), co-producer Martichka Bozhilova, AGITPROP (Bulgaria); Igor Pediček,  Casablanca Film Production (Slovenia) and Edoardo Fracchia, Stefilm International (Italy).

Short Synopsis: There are approximately one thousand prisoners in the Lukiškės prison and approximately one hundred of them are murderers serving life sentences - “lifers”. Some lifers still hope one day to return to society, be useful and spend their last days in freedom. The main way to achieve this hope is exemplary behaviour and personal efforts to reform. They knit socks and deliver them for homeless people. They built nesting boxes for birds, insects, small mammals and coffins for pets. Some skillful prisoners develop their own artistic or technological projects and collaborate with prison’s staff. For example, prisoner Rimantas makes wooden Harley Davidson motorcycles and Žygimantas writes books. Through prisoners’ handiwork they can send a message to the society about their attempts to change which usually are invisible and unknown to the outside world. ‘Excellent Behaviour’ is a contemplation on human condition, dignity, death and mediated life of contemporary society.



(In Development) Napoleon's Lost Imperial Gold. Writers: Nick Holdsworth & Rasa Miškinytė. Producers Rasa Miškinytė Era Film (Lithuania) & Nick Holdsworth Holdsworth Films Ltd (United Kingdom).

Short Synopsis: Napoleon's Lost Imperial Gold is an innovative creative documentary that combines a professional archaeological excavation with dramatised episodes, archive material, trans-media applications and expert commentary to explore the day Napoleon's army died.

The past is all around us.

In Vilnius - where monasteries and churches little changed over the centuries are spread like a web throughout the city - the crumbling walls of ancient buildings whisper of ghosts of the past.

The enfeebled remnants of Napoleon's army that limped into the city, seeking refugee on their frostbitten retreat from Moscow in 1812, would recognise much of the city today.

The past is never far away in Vilnius.

Twenty minutes' drive west of the city there is a small forest-fringed pasture where on a December's day in 1812, Napoleon Grande Armee finally met its match in the form of an ice- covered hill.

Nothing remains to suggest this is a sight where a great dream of uniting Europe came to an i gnominious end.

A huge jam of men, animals and the materiel of war packed into the bottom of the hill, including the army's pay train containing 10 million francs. When one wagon toppled over on the slippery road, spilling gold and silver coins, any shred of remaining military discipline evaporated, unleashing a fatal scramble for loot. Soon the snow-covered meadow and forest floor was soaked in blood and littered with discarded and lost treasures.

Gold and silver coins are small and easily lost in confusion and fear. Trampled into the snow and ice, when the snows melted many would have sunk into the ground.

No serious attempt has ever been made to systematically recover what was lost on Ponary Hill that day. By employing a film based around the archaeological dig as a portal into the past, Napoleon's Lost Imperial Gold will tell the epic, dramatic - and horrific - story of an ill-fated campaign that cost the lives of over 400,000 members of the invading force.


(In Post Production) The Man Slayer. The Virgin. The Shadow - drama. Writer / Director  Sulev Keedus (Estonia). Producer Kaie-Ene Rääk comapny F-Seitse (Estonia), Co-producer Rasa Miškinytė comapny ERA FILM (Lithuania), Associate producer Anna G. Magnusdottir comapny LittleBig Productions (Sweden).

Short Synopsis: The film consists of three chapters. The Man Slayer takes place more than a hundred years ago. The leading character Maara is a young bride who is about to start her life in her new family. The Virgin tells the story of a young woman called Elina, who has been deported from Ingria into Estonia during the previous war. The Shadow moves in the present. The main character, Luna Lee, has decided to flee from home. Is there anything besides emptiness somewhere?

 The film is led by the singularity of the leading character – Maara, Elina and Luna Lee are all played by the same actress.  


Produced films:

BLUEBEARD (MĖLYNBARZDIS) - animation, 4'35", 2016. The Author/Director Giedrė Narušytė Boots. Co-production KASK Ghent, Belgium) and ERA FILM (Lithuania). Release 2017.


COLD SPRINGS (ŠALTI ŠAILINIAI) - producer, animation, 4'38" digital cut out, 2015. The Author/Director Giedrė Narušytė Boots. Co-production KASK Ghent, Belgium) and ERA FILM (Lithuania). Premier April 2, 2016 at Vilnius International Film Festifal Kino Pavasaris. Film nominated for Silver Crane award in the section short animated films. 


ПОД КОЛПАКОМ - UNDER THE HOOD (STEBIMI) – producer, creative documentary 75 DVcam, 2013. Directors Mark Byrne & Robert Dennis. Co-production Planet Korda Pictures (Ireland) and ERA FILM (Lithuania), MDR, TVP2, Belsat TV, ERR. 



DREAMING THE PATH (SAPNUOJU, KAD EINU) - producer, creative documentary, 85 HD, 2012. Director Jokubas Vilius Turas.

AWARDS: "Silver Crane" as the best feature lenght documentary 2013, Lithuania.



THE ONE AND ONLY (VIENINTELIS, NEPAKARTOJAMAS IR PASKUNIS) – producer, writer, creative documentary, 56, HDV, 2012. Director Linas Augutis. In co-production with LRT.

AWARDS: Nominated for the "Silver Crane" as the best TV documentary 2012, Lithuania.



BOOK SMUGGLERS (KNYGNEŠIAI) – producer, creative documentary, 73’/52’, HD, 2010. Director Jeremiah Cullinane, Planet Korda Pictures (Ireland) co-produced by Vinegar Hill Productions (N. Ireland), TG4, BBC N.I., LRT.

AWARDS: The film was awarded the Silver Crane – Lithuanian “Lion” for the best Cinematographic work. The Golden Grape Award in Documentary Films Category of 40th Lubuskie Film Summer  Lagovo, Poland, 2011



SHARUNAS BARTAS, AN ARMY OF ONE (ŠARŪNAS BARTAS. VIENAS – LAUKE KARYS) – co-producer, creative documentary, 51’, Dvcam, 2010. Director Guillame Coudray, Letimotiv Productions, France, in co-production with LRT.

AWARDS: Nominated for the "Silver Crane" as the best documentary film award, 2010, Lithuania



VILNIUS – THE CITY I HAVE NEVER KNOWN (VILNIUS – MIESTAS, KURIO NEPAŽINOJAU): 3 Documentaries, 3 Directors, 3 Countries, 3 Points of View. Directors: Dzintar Dreibergs (Latvia), Kristin Raup (Estonia), Bram Crols (Belgium). Produced by "ERA FILM" for "Vilnius - the Capital of European Culture 2009".

Making of


THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL (LES DERNIÈRES HEURES DU MUR) - line producer, creative documentary 2 episodes 52’, HD, 2009. Director Jean-Francois Delassus, production of MAXIMAL PRODUCTIONS, France.


THE BUG TRAINER (VABZDŽIŲ DRESUOTOJAS) – producer, creative documentary 53 min. HD/35 mm, 2008. Script Linas, Donatas Ulvydas, Jonas Banys; directors:  Linas Augutis, Donatas Ulvydas, Marek Skrobecki, Rasa Miskinyte; Co-produced by Se-ma-for, Poland; In co-production with broadcasters NHK (Japan), AVRO (The Netherlands), YLE (Finland); In association with DR (Denmark); SVT (Sweden); NRK (Norway), TSR (Switzerland), ETV (Estonia); LRT (Lithuania).

AWARDS: Jury Prize (16th International Minsk film Festival); Best Animated Educational Film (ReAniamania'09  International  Animation  Film  festival  in  Yerevan);  Grand  Prix  (InternationalBerdiansk  Film  Festival);  Lithuanian  Cinema  and  TV  film  awards  "Silver  Crane":  for the best script; for the best soundtrack; for the best directing; and for the best producer’s work, 2009, Lithuania.

Press Book / Trailer


A TRIP TO THE GREAT LITTLE COUNTRY (LIETUVA – DIDELĖ MAŽA ŠALIS)  - producer of music short film , 5’10”, HD, 2007. Commissioned by Lithuanian Institut.

AWARDS: Prize for creativity (Art&Tur Festival – International Tourism Film Festival).



SPANISH FOR ADULTS (ISPANŲ KALBA SUAUGUSIEMS) – producer creative documentary 53’, DVcam, 2007. Script/directing Tomas Tamosaitis. Co-production with Evohe Films, Spain and Televisio de Catalunya (Spain), in association with ZDF/Arte (Germany/France) and YLE (Finland).

AWARDS: First prize in the category for documentary over 40min (TRANSYT, Poland); Grand Prix of the 10th International Film Festival (Lublin, Poland)


LITHUANIA - A TANK AND THE GIRL (LITAUEN – DAS MÄDCHEN UND DIE PANZER) - line producer, documentary 52”, DigiBeta, 2007. Directors André MEIER and Isabell BLÖCHL, Company LE Vision GmbH (Germany) in association with MDR/Arte Germany and LRT Lithuania.


THE FAREWELL AFFAIR (L’AFFAIRE FARWELL) - line producer, documentary 2 episodes 52”, DigiBeta, 2007. Director Jean-Francois Delassus, production of Roche Production, France, in co-production with ZDF, ARTE G.E.I.E., YLE.


THE BUS – co-producer, creative documentary , 56’, 16mm, colour, 2004. Co-production of ACUBA FILM, Estonia – HARGLA FILM, Latvia – ERA FILM, Lithuania and, LRT (Lithuania), YLE (Finland), DR (Denmark), ETV (Estonia), LTV (Latvia), NDR/ARTE (Germany).  

AWARDS: First prize as the best Baltic co-production, Arsenals 2005 (Latvia).



Associated producer documentary THE PUTIN SYSTEM  95’, Digi Beta, 2007. Author Jean-Michel Carre in association with Jill Emery. Company Les Films Grain De Sable, France2, NDR, LRT.

Co-producer of creative documentary PARNOGRAPHY (ANIMAZONE), 52’, super 16mm, 2005. Director Hardi Volmer, producer Arko Okk, Acuba Film Production, Estonia

Co-producer for TV serie NEW STARS OF EUROPE, 8x28’ , 2004, DVCam. Co-production of AXEL FILM, Denmark and 8 Public Broadcasters of new EU members. AWARDS:  Television, Europe Civis media prize, 2004.




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