FOREST BROTHERS (in Production) TV documentary for FR5. Writer/Director Antoine de Meaux, producder Program33 (France), co-producer Era Film (Lithuania).


TRAINS (in Production) creative documentary. Writer/Director Maciej Drygas. Producer Vita Želakevičiūtė (Poland), co-producer: Rasa Miškinyte, Era Film (Lithuania).

Synopsis: It is impossible to describe the types of people, the faces of the passengers, the suitcases, the bundles of clothes changing with fashion, the possessions, and the prams. A man at a railway station is somehow different there, differently focused, with a different emotion on his face. Maybe it is a kind of excitement, because along with the journey there is hope for some change, for something new, but maybe it's a feeling of unease - what will await us there. And maybe it is only to concentrate, not to leave anything on the platform, not to forget about anything. Even the couples that are saying farewell are doing so as if they are never going to see each other again. There is a strange intensity of emotions. Or the small children - they are suspiciously polite, overwhelmed by the crowd and the size of the huge iron carriages, they look apprehensive but rarely cry. All these emotions are powerfully conveyed by the archival materials, which leave the lasting impression that even though times, trains and history may change, man with his complex inner world is evolving in a far less noticeable way.

Closed in railway carriages, the history of the world is arranged in a structure based on a repeating refrain. Every few years, in different places around the world, a similar mystery occurs. First, carriages are filled with hundreds of men going to war, then the trains return with the wounded or with coffins. Then begins the gigantic exodus of the civilian population, and also people in uniform. The refugees mingle at stations with prisoners returning from the camps, the uniformed soldiers of the victorious army lead the defeated. Tears of joy are mixed with tears of bitterness. And finally there comes a time when ordinary passengers appear at the stations, although briefly, because this lyric of the station's daily routine is quickly pierced by another refrain. 


NEVAIKYSTĖ (DISPLACED CHILDHOOD) (in development) animadoc. Writer/director Miglė Satkauskaitė, animation director Giedrė Narušytė Boots. Producer  Rasa Miškinytė.

Logline “Children are magic because they look for it.” – Christopher Moore


Two old Lithuanian ladies – REGINA and JURATE – share memories of their turbulent childhood. Their authentic stories catapult us 70 years back into the past where we follow two little girls on their journey between harsh reality and magical daydreams. They both live in Kaunas, but the fate leads them to complete opposite directions one to the East, the other to the West. Archival footage and animated collages of the photos from the family albums reconstruct the bleak reality and the magic of the daydreams. And there is a misfit PIONEER, a fictional hand drawn animated character who questions documented footage and provides it with quirky comments. The Pioneer, through his naivety and frankness, reveals the absurdity of that period and the historical injustice that condemned the children like Regina and Jurate to displaced childhood.

The structure consists of 3 chapters dedicated to 3 characters. Stories of each character are constructed non-chronologically. The free flow of associations connects the different sequences of events. 

REGINA (5 years old girl)

Regina with brother Arvydas (7 years old boy) sing joyfully happy birthday for their mother and crawl with huge bunch of tulips into her bed. Suddenly there is a knock on the door it opens wide with tremendous bang. Soviet soldiers come in to bedroom and command to leave immediately. 

They are together with many other families crammed into the train nr.48006. 

Regina and her family find themselves in a cotton plantation in TAJIKISTAN. In far distance they notice the slowly moving camel caravan under the heat of Asian sun. 

Regina's mother opens the letter from daddy. Stalin's head, flags and a military orchestra jump out of the letter. Regina's mother pushes them back. Daddy appears in the letter and presses a family photo to his heart, and disappears behind the bars of the hard labour camp. 

The hardships of unbearable heat, malaria, snakes, hard work in cotton plantations and almost dying mother vanish in the magic of thousand- and one-night daydreams about blossoming peach orchard, gin from the magic lamp or flying carpet with peacefully grazing rams… 

The dreams of Regina and Arvydas come true when daddy appears. They embrace in a blossoming peach orchard.

JURATE (7 years old girl) 

Mum and Dad hide Jurate with her brother RIMAS (9 years old boy) in the depths of the huge garden in the improvised tent. They play the shadow theatre. The sounds of trucks, shouting soldiers, screaming children echoes in the darkness until the gunshot brakes up barking dog. 

There are many families with bundles on the ferry. Leaning overboard, Jurate imagines that the floating logs in the water are crocodiles. She looks up and sees palm trees and exotic animals instead of usual trees.

Brother Rimas pretends to be a cowboy fighting the Indians in the Wild West.

A convoy of thirty-four chariots with refugees are moving slowly West. Suddenly they are surrounded by SS solders. Jurate’s father and other men are brutally separated from their families. Only the women and children continue slowly their way. Jurate wipes away her tears, she hugs her doll stronger. 

Anxious and uncertain life on suitcases, camps for displaced persons (DP camps) converts into the fantasies from the adventure books with crocodiles and cowboys in Wild West. 

Mum with kids ends up in America but without daddy. Only the orange smell and shining Christmas tree memory brings them together in the daydream. 


A group of children say the pioneer oath, red scarves are tied around their necks. Pioneer rips off the scarf, but it transforms into a snake and chase the Pioneer. He runs away and hides in a movie theatre. The propaganda film with Stalin and Lenin is on the screen. The Pioneer plays with the light beam and disturbs the show.  Lenin gets out of the screen and commands children to collect scrap metal. A group of children collect scrap metal under the supervision of teachers. They carry pieces of metal of all sizes and through them in a pile. Pioneer blows bubbles instead. A pile transforms into a tank. 

Archive propaganda footage worships the flourishing childhood of Soviet youth, but the Pioneer shows childish resistance to this brainwashing. 

Two old ladies Regina and Jurate fascinate us with their joy for life and humor. Their journeys were marked by wonderful people they met, never matters where: Lithuania, Germany, Tajikistan, or US. Both succeed to sustain their inner child even in the most rigorous historical circumstances.

 Post scriptum

Regina's daddy has chosen to join his deported family in Tajikistan after he was released from an imprisonment in a hard labor camp.

Jurates' daddy after many efforts and many years managed to reunite with his family in America.



Produced films:

RUSSIA vs LAWYERS - Creative documentary 101'.  Author/Director Masha Novikova, producers: Masha Novikova NOVDOC (The Netherlands), Julia Shaginurova  Einbahnstraße Productions UG (Germany), Rasa Miškinytė Era Film (Lithuania) with Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg/ Arte.



AMOR  – Creative documentary 101'.  Author/Director Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri, producer Edoardo Fracchia, Stefilm (Italy), co-producer Rasa Miskinyte Era Film (Lithuania) with Rai Cinema. 

Synopsis: “When I look at Rome, I see my mother. It's been the case since she died."

It's a summer evening from many years ago: the city is empty, and the final of the soccer world championship is underway. A woman, Teresa, reaches the Tiber and lets herself go into the river. The abyss swallows her while Virginia, her daughter, in the dark of the night travels through Rome: she wants to find her and save her. Virginia must cross the depths of the waters, of history, the myths, the vital brightness and the disasters of a timeless Rome. Only then can she see her mother again, surfacing from the blackness of the Tiber, flying towards Amor, "the planet of care”. Surrounded by water, its streets, squares, and fountains are reminiscent of those of Rome and the animals roam freely.

The World Premier at 80th Venice International Film Festival.


XIXA. FOTOGRAFO PALIKIMAS (THE LEGACY OF A 19TH CENTURY PHOTOGRAPHER) - Creative documentary 70'. Script / Director Mindaugas Meškauskas. Supported by Lithuanian Film Centre, LRT, tax incentives. 


This is a story about the most significant 19th-century Vilnius photographer Józef Czechowicz and historical photographic processes.

Was the chronicler of that era a genius or an opportunist, an artist or an entrepreneur, or maybe just a modern photographer who felt the pulse of those times?

Filled with a rich archive of photographs, interviews, reconstructed computer-graphic images and acted-out scenes, the narrative goes back to the roots of photography, introducing the 19th‑century photographic studio and the photographic processes.



KATU KATU -  Hybrid animation for kids of 6’, 2021. Script Ugnė Pikutytė, Giedrė Narušytė Boots, Urtė Oettinger. Director Giedrė Narušytė Boots. Rasa Miškinytė producer, concept co-author, camerawoman. With the support of Lithuanian Film Centre and Tax incentives for films.

A tiny caterpillar naps cosily with his kitty friends. A playful ball of wool wakes up the caterpillar. Teasing and tickling, the ball awakens the caterpillar’s dream to fly. The caterpillar follows the ball to the garden and together with the kitties they amuse themselves and mess around. Finally, the ball of wool leads the way into a spooky place, full of spiders. Their friendship overcomes fear of darkness and turns into magic. 

Live your dreams and you will fly. 

AWARDS: Nomination for ECFA Short Film Award at Filem’On, International Film Festival for Young Audiences, Brussels, Belgium (2021); Domingo Award at FAUNA Tepoztlán Animal Festival, Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico 2022; Most Innovative Short Award at Nenagh Children’s Film Festival, Nenagh, Ireland 2022.


PAVYZDINGAS ELGESYS (Exemplary Behaviour) creative documentary 85', 2019. Writers: Audrius Mickevičius & Georgi Tenev, Directors Audrius Mickevičius and Nerijus Milerius. Producer Rasa Miškinyte, Era Film (Lithuania), co-producer Martichka Bozhilova, AGITPROP (Bulgaria); Igor Pediček , CASABLANCA Film Prodution (Slovenia) in association with Edoardo Fracchia and Stefano Tealdi, Stefilm (Italy). 

The socially responsible film initiated, developed and written by Audrius Mickevičius. After the untimely death of Audrius, completed by Nerijus Milerius. 

Logline: The film explores the paradox of exemplary behaviour of murderers currently serving life sentences in Lukiškės Prison in Vilnius and hoping to return to society.

Synopsis: Having experienced the loss of his murdered brother, director Audrius Mickevičius went to the Lukiškės prison to examine the paradox of “exemplary behaviour”. Mickevičius met Rimas and Rolandas who are sentenced to life but driven by the hope of change. Mickevičius himself experienced the journey from anger to forgiveness, which was interrupted by his terminal disease.

“Exemplary Behaviour”, completed by its script editor Nerijus Milerius, explores the ideas of forgiveness and social justice.

Film supported by: Lithuanian Film Centre, Eurimages, Media, RTV SLO, Bulgarian Film Centre, Sardinian Film Commission, YLE.

AWARDS: Golden Dove International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film at the 62nd DOK Leipzig (28 October - 3 November 2019) / The Prize of the Interreligious Jury /  The FIPRESCI International Critics PrizeSpecial Mention at Documentary Film Festival in Ljubljana, 2020Special Mention at ZagrebDOX International Competition, 2020. Vesna Award for the best original Music to Marjan Sijanec at Festival of Slovenian Films, 2020. Main Award Documentary Competition 18° Festival Internacional Signos da Noite, 2020.


Press reviews: Modern Times Review Documentary Magazine


IŠEITI IŠ NAMŲ (Leaving Your Comfort Zone) creative documentary 70', 2018. Writer & Director Miglė Statauskaitė. Producer Producer Rasa Miškinyte, Era Film (Lithuania). Production supported by Lithuanian Film Centre and by private financiers.

Short Synopsis: Seniors are often left in the margins of life. We tend to think that they only crave for peace. But 75-year-young hero Algimantas proves that despite the age one can accept challenges and expand his horizons. He leads expeditions to the mountains every summer since 1969. The film follows Algimantas' expedition in Tian Shan mountains, where we’ll get to know the character of this adventurer and his perspective on taking risks, facing extreme conditions, losing friends and gaining wisdom.



PREZIDENTINIS KARO LAIVAS (Presidential Warship), 55:27, 2017. Writers: Rasa Miškinytė and Linas Augutis, Director Linas Augutis. Production of ERA FILM with the support of LRT (Lithuanian National Television and Radio) / Lithuanian Defence Minsitry/ LATGA.

Sinopsis (LT) - Atrasti neįtikėtini archyviniai kadrai. Ar tai kadrai to laivo, kurio ieškome?

Filmo komanda ieško prieškario Nepriklausomos Lietuvos vienintelio karo laivo "Prezidentas Smetona". Šio laivo jau seniai ieško ir jūrų archeologai vadovaujami Akademiko Vlado Žulkaus.

Burlaiviu "Brabender" leidžiamės į jūrine ekspediciją, šalia Estijos krantų, tikėdamiesi rasti nuskendusio Prezidentinio karo laivo liekanas. 

Synopsis (EN) - Unexpected archival footage was found. Could it be from the warship we were looking for?

A film crew is on the lookout for the warship "Prezidentas Smetona". The one and only warship from the pre-war Independent Lithuania. For many years, the same ship was also sought by a group of maritime archeologists who were led by an academic Vladas Žulkus.

Our film crew gets on a sailing ship "Brabender" and starts their maritime archaeological expedition in hopes of finding the remains of "Prezidentas Smetona".



THE MAN SLAYER.THE VIRGIN. THE SHADOW , 142' , 2017 - drama. Writer / Director  Sulev Keedus (Estonia). Producer Kaie-Ene Rääk comapny F-Seitse (Estonia), Co-producer Rasa Miškinytė comapny ERA FILM (Lithuania). Sales Agent - ANT!PODE SALES & DISTRIBUTION. World Premier at POFF, Tallinn 2017 November 25. 

AWARDS: Best Music award, Best Cinematography award at POFF, Black Nights Fillm Festival, Tallinn. EFTA 2018 best script award, Hungary Seven Hills film festival best director. Pune IFF 2019, Dhaka International FF 2019, Helsinki IFF / Love & Anarchy 2018, Seven Hills IFF 2018, Carl International Film Festival (Baltic Sea Competition) 2018, Shanghai IFF 2018 (Belt and Road Film Week), PÖFF /Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2017 (World Premiere), CinEast Film Festival Luxembourg, Helsinki Int. Film Festival – Love&Anarchy (HIFF) Finland, september 2018 / CinEast Film Festival Luxembourg, october 2018 / Riga International Film Festival (RIGA IFF), october 2018 / Scanorama – European Film Forum, Vilnius, november 2018 / 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa, november 2018 / Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh, january 2019.



THE LITTLE BOAT (LAIVELIS)-  hybrid life shooting & animation, 3'35", 2016. The Concept Authors Rasa Miškinytė and Giedrė Narušytė Boots/Director Giedrė Narušytė Boots. Co-production KASK Ghent, Belgium) and ERA FILM (Lithuania). Release 2017. World Premier at Canada Kids Film Festival, Toronto September 22, 2017.

Synopsis - A lullaby is for all sleepers, but especially for non-sleepers who do not like to sleep or to take a nap.

A lullaby will make children yawn and fall asleep. 'The Little Boat' brings them to the ocean of ​​dreams ... There is already a little white kitten and she is dreaming... that she is somewhere else…

The evening blurs the contours of the room. The night paints the walls a sky blue colour with bright stars and moon.

The Lullaby is based on the poem "The Little Boat" by Daniil Charms. 


BLUEBEARD (MĖLYNBARZDIS) - animation, 4'35", 2016. The Author/Director Giedrė Narušytė Boots. Co-production KASK Ghent, Belgium) and ERA FILM (Lithuania). Release 2017.

Synopsis - It seems that a piece of someone’s beard is kept in the dark labyrinth of a monastery. The beard is blue, sky-blue to be exact. Why must it remain hidden? Is it a relic of Bluebeard, the wife-murderer who had such great power of attraction? Is it still dangerous? Or attractive?

This animation film is an interpretation of the fairy tale ‘Bluebeard’ as described by Clarissa Pinkola Estés in her book ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’. The forbidden door in Bluebeard’s castle could only be opened by a bloody key. What secret was kept hidden, locked behind that door? Does Bluebeard live in his dark castle…or in our mind?

AWARDS: Audience Award at Fresh Stream Experimental Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA


COLD SPRINGS (ŠALTI ŠAILINIAI) - producer, animation, 4'38" digital cut out, 2015. The Author/Director Giedrė Narušytė Boots. Co-production KASK Ghent, Belgium) and ERA FILM (Lithuania). Premier April 2, 2016 at Vilnius International Film Festifal Kino Pavasaris.Film nominated for Silver Crane award in the section short animated films. 

Synopsis - ‘Cold Springs’ is a nostalgic interpretation of ‘Litauische Geschichten’ (1917) (‘Lithuanian Stories’) by Hermann Sudermann. After the winter comes the outbreak of spring, melting snow, broken ice, rising water blurring all edges and borders. Floating pictures are accompanied by authentic sounds of the frozen lake in Cold Springs village (Šaltų Šaltinių kaimas), Lithuania.

AWARDS: Nomination for the best animation film for Silver Crane award (Lithuanian film industry awards).

ПОД КОЛПАКОМ - UNDER THE HOOD (STEBIMI) – producer, creative documentary 75 DVcam, 2013. Directors Mark Byrne & Robert Dennis. Co-production Planet Korda Pictures (Ireland) and ERA FILM (Lithuania), MDR, TVP2, Belsat TV, ERR. 

Synopsis - In Belarus, some battle for democracy, social justice and civil rights, while others struggle just to survive. Under the Hood brings us on a journey through a country where the secret police is still known as the KGB and gathering in public to do nothing is considered a crime. Shot in conditions of secrecy, the film takes us from the protests and secret opposition meetings of the capital, Minsk, to the horse-drawn carts and hand-tilled fields of the countryside. The stories heard along the way remind us how close Belarus is to the rest of Europe – and how very far away.


The Under the Hood video is up for streaming and download:


DREAMING THE PATH (SAPNUOJU, KAD EINU) - producer, creative documentary, 85 HD, 2012. Director Jokubas Vilius Turas.

AWARDS: "Silver Crane" as the best feature lenght documentary 2013, Lithuania.

Synopsis - Dreaming the Path is a road movie about self-discovery and a quest for lost faith, during which the author undertakes a gruelling journey on foot from his home in Vilnius to join the “camino” to Santiago de Compostela. Braving the harsh Polish and German winter, marvelling at the French spring, and enduring the hot Spanish summer, the author must also find inner strength and courage to overcome hardship, frustration, and the self-destructive lifestyle he engaged in during his youth. In a test of willpower, patience and love, and overcoming crippling doubt, he regains hope and joy of life.

Dreaming the Path is a film about human values against destruction, life against death, and faith against disbelief. 



THE ONE AND ONLY (VIENINTELIS, NEPAKARTOJAMAS IR PASKUNIS) – producer, writer, creative documentary, 56, HDV, 2012. Director Linas Augutis. In co-production with LRT.

AWARDS: Nominated for the "Silver Crane" as the best TV documentary 2012, Lithuania.



BOOK SMUGGLERS (KNYGNEŠIAI) – producer, creative documentary, 73’/52’, HD, 2010. Director Jeremiah Cullinane, Planet Korda Pictures (Ireland) co-produced by Vinegar Hill Productions (N. Ireland), TG4, BBC N.I., LRT.

AWARDS: The film was awarded the Silver Crane – Lithuanian “Lion” for the best Cinematographic work. The Golden Grape Award in Documentary Films Category of 40th Lubuskie Film Summer  Lagovo, Poland, 2011

Synopsis - An Irish language songwriter and poet travels to Lithuania to tell the story of the 19th century Knygnesiai, or Book Smugglers – those who risked their lives to protect Lithuanian against Russification, not through armed resistance but by smuggling books, newspapers, magazines into the country from Prussia and distributing them along clandestine networks. In retracing their history, through the forests and along the rivers, the poet is bound to reflect on the decline of his own language, and the relationship between the language we speak and our national and personal identity.


SHARUNAS BARTAS, AN ARMY OF ONE (ŠARŪNAS BARTAS. VIENAS – LAUKE KARYS) – co-producer, creative documentary, 51’, Dvcam, 2010. Director Guillame Coudray, Letimotiv Productions, France, in co-production with LRT.

AWARDS: Nominated for the "Silver Crane" as the best documentary film award, 2010, Lithuania

Synopsis - As a young man, I came to Vilnius 10 years ago to work with Lithuanian master filmmaker Sharunas Bartas. I wanted to discover what made Bartas' films so exceptional, with a unique balance of visual contemplation and dissolved narration. I lived in a corner of his "studio", an old wooden house in the middle of the forest, and bits by bits started to get inside his elusive creative process. But the full picture was missing. In order to put things together, I needed to come back.



VILNIUS – THE CITY I HAVE NEVER KNOWN (VILNIUS – MIESTAS, KURIO NEPAŽINOJAU): 3 Documentaries, 3 Directors, 3 Countries, 3 Points of View. Directors: Dzintar Dreibergs (Latvia), Kristin Raup (Estonia), Bram Crols (Belgium). Produced by "ERA FILM" for "Vilnius - the Capital of European Culture 2009".

Making of


THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL (LES DERNIÈRES HEURES DU MUR) - line producer, creative documentary 2 episodes 52’, HD, 2009. Director Jean-Francois Delassus, production of MAXIMAL PRODUCTIONS, France.


THE BUG TRAINER (VABZDŽIŲ DRESUOTOJAS) – producer, creative documentary 53 min. HD/35 mm, 2008. Script Linas, Donatas Ulvydas, Jonas Banys; directors:  Linas Augutis, Donatas Ulvydas, Marek Skrobecki, Rasa Miskinyte; Co-produced by Se-ma-for, Poland; In co-production with broadcasters NHK (Japan), AVRO (The Netherlands), YLE (Finland); In association with DR (Denmark); SVT (Sweden); NRK (Norway), TSR (Switzerland), ETV (Estonia); LRT (Lithuania).

AWARDS: Jury Prize (16th International Minsk film Festival); Best Animated Educational Film (ReAniamania'09  International  Animation  Film  festival  in  Yerevan);  Grand  Prix  (InternationalBerdiansk  Film  Festival);  Lithuanian  Cinema  and  TV  film  awards  "Silver  Crane":  for the best script; for the best soundtrack; for the best directing; and for the best producer’s work, 2009, Lithuania.

Logline - The life story of the puppeteer driven by the love story of puppets

Synopsis - The Bug Trainer is a animated documentary film about Ladislas Starewitch (1882 – 1965), a pioneer of puppet animation and a contemporary of cinematography, one of the most mystique and controversial creators of 20th century. He was named as a true Wizard and an Alchemist of animation, whose wizardry was born in Lithuania in the beginning of 20th c. He got his fame in Russia and flourished in his full power in France. Unique methods of animation, never disclosed to the others, - who was he?  



A TRIP TO THE GREAT LITTLE COUNTRY (LIETUVA – DIDELĖ MAŽA ŠALIS)  - producer of music short film , 5’10”, HD, 2007. Commissioned by Lithuanian Institut.

AWARDS: Prize for creativity (Art&Tur Festival – International Tourism Film Festival).



SPANISH FOR ADULTS (ISPANŲ KALBA SUAUGUSIEMS) – producer creative documentary 53’, DVcam, 2007. Script/directing Tomas Tamosaitis. Co-production with Evohe Films, Spain and Televisio de Catalunya (Spain), in association with ZDF/Arte (Germany/France) and YLE (Finland).

AWARDS: First prize in the category for documentary over 40min (TRANSYT, Poland); Grand Prix of the 10th International Film Festival (Lublin, Poland)


LITHUANIA - A TANK AND THE GIRL (LITAUEN – DAS MÄDCHEN UND DIE PANZER) - line producer, documentary 52”, DigiBeta, 2007. Directors André MEIER and Isabell BLÖCHL, Company LE Vision GmbH (Germany) in association with MDR/Arte Germany and LRT Lithuania.


THE FAREWELL AFFAIR (L’AFFAIRE FARWELL) - line producer, documentary 2 episodes 52”, DigiBeta, 2007. Director Jean-Francois Delassus, production of Roche Production, France, in co-production with ZDF, ARTE G.E.I.E., YLE.


THE BUS – co-producer, creative documentary , 56’, 16mm, colour, 2004. Co-production of ACUBA FILM, Estonia – HARGLA FILM, Latvia – ERA FILM, Lithuania and, LRT (Lithuania), YLE (Finland), DR (Denmark), ETV (Estonia), LTV (Latvia), NDR/ARTE (Germany).  

AWARDS: First prize as the best Baltic co-production, Arsenals 2005 (Latvia).



Associated producer documentary THE PUTIN SYSTEM  95’, Digi Beta, 2007. Author Jean-Michel Carre in association with Jill Emery. Company Les Films Grain De Sable, France2, NDR, LRT.

Co-producer of creative documentary PARNOGRAPHY (ANIMAZONE), 52’, super 16mm, 2005. Director Hardi Volmer, producer Arko Okk, Acuba Film Production, Estonia

Co-producer for TV serie NEW STARS OF EUROPE, 8x28’ , 2004, DVCam. Co-production of AXEL FILM, Denmark and 8 Public Broadcasters of new EU members. AWARDS:  Television, Europe Civis media prize, 2004.




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