Talent Development

Due to an enormous amount of creative talent and good ideas reaching ERA FILM, we have since 2012 decided to focus even more on offering new possibilities and bringing new talent together – in Lithuania and internationally. We currently have several new projects in development by starting professional talents such as Illustrators, Animators, Writers, Filmmakers and Programmers.

If you believe you have a good idea (and can convince us of it its qualities) and you are willing to work hard to realize it, we offer to help you by sharing our network and experience.

Feel free to contact us if you either have an idea you dream of realizing or believe you have a special talent to contribute with. We are always looking for good creative or management talent and if we cannot help you, we will know in what direction to point you.


ERA FILM does line producing for foreign films intending to shoot their films in Lithuania. We do everything from scheduling to budgeting, scouting, finding locations, archives, managing the shooting, and if needed post-production.

ERA FILM does archive research upon request.

In case little help is needed for foreign productions, ERA FILM can step in and help you as your fixer.

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